We only make artisan gelato.

No bar, no coffee shop, no pastry shop.

We at Mokambo are an artisan ice cream shop specialising in creating and producing Authentic Artisan Gelato.

We make it by using our antique family recipe dating from 1840, which our family has kept alive for over 120 years.

To make our gelato, we start with freshly milked milk from the Alta Murgia pastures, with the freshest free-range eggs and with the finest sugar. The work is completed by a bouquet of spices and aromas. That is it.

Mokambo is the story of a family, lost traditions and ancient recipes passed on from father to son

We did not make anything up.

We are the custodians of one of the oldest artisan gelato recipes in the world.

On these bases, we add only the finest raw ingredients like

  • the best vanilla in the world (Madagascar, Tahiti and Mexico)
  • the Iranian saffron in pistils from Mashhad located in North-Eastern Iran.
  • the green Bronte Pistachio P.D.O. (a worldwide excellence)
  • the Tonda Gentile Trilobata Piedmont Hazelnut P.G.I. certified.
  • locally sourced almonds from Ruvo di Puglia
  • a varied selection of 28 different cocoa beans coming from four distinct continents.

All this in order to propose:

Nine exclusive artisan gelato flavours to deliver a high-quality, unique tasting journey

These are the flavours we propose:

In addition to our 9 tasting experiences, there are some limited edition flavours, which are available only at certain times of the year and they are reserved to the Mokambo Family members, who will be the very first to be informed about their release and try them.

In this way, you will be able to experience authentic aromas from bygone times capable of invoking past emotions that went almost forgotten.

Why is our artisan gelato the nicest?

Our Certifications

Pistacchio di bronte per i nostri gelati artigianali - DOP - Denominazione d'origine protetta
Pistacchio di bronte per i nostri gelati artigianali - DOP - Denominazione d'origine protetta

Green Bronte Pistachio P.D.O.

To make our pistachio flavour we solely exclusively use certified Bronte Green Pistachio P.D.O., which is cultivated, handpicked and processed in the municipalities of Bronte, Adrano and Biancavilla, in Piedmont.

This pistachio is considered one of the best worldwide for its unique and distinctive organoleptic properties. It is produced in very limited quantities: it accounts for just 0.09% of world production. We are among the very few ice cream parlours in the world to have the real Bronte Pistachio P.D.O.

Nocciola trilobata della langhe per i nostri gelati artigianali - IGP - Indicazione Geografica Protetta

The Tonda Gentile Trilobata Piedmont Hazelnut delle Langhe P.G.I.

The name Piedmont Hazelnut P.G.I. refers to peeled and semi-finished fruits collected from the cultivation of the Tonda Gentile Trilobata variety of hazelnut grown in the Piedmont region, specifically in the area between the hills of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

We exclusively use the Gentile Trilobata Piedmont Hazelnut from the Langhe P.G.I. to make our hazelnut and gianduia gelato flavours. In contrast with other types of hazelnuts, the Gentile Trilobata Piedmont Hazelnut has a farther more intense and decisive taste and a “gentle” aftertaste. Hence, in Italian it gets the “nocciola tonda gentile”. This guarantees a gelato of much superior quality.

Nocciola trilobata della langhe per i nostri gelati artigianali - IGP - Indicazione Geografica Protetta

Lemons from Sorrento P.G.I.

To make our lemon granite (only available during the summertime) we solely use lemons from Sorrento P.G.I. Thanks to its intensely sweet taste and its edible peel, it is considered one of the best in the world. That is why we serve the granita inside the lemon fruit with its peel.

The Sorrento lemons P.G.I possess a unique and unmistakable fruity taste. They are cultivated on the grades sloping towards the sea and are protected by special scaffolding covering the lemons from lousy weather that may cause a ripening delay.

Certificazione HACCP


We possess all the needed permits and the H.A.C.C.P. certification. All our staff members have been appropriately trained and have the required knowledge and skills in food hygiene, safety and appropriate food storage.

100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

soddsfatti rimborsati - Gelateria Artigianale Mokambo

We have been gelato makers for 4 generations, with an experience of over 100 years and we are the only ones who can guarantee control over the ENTIRE production chain, from the raw material as nature supplies it to us, to the finished gelato.

For this reason, we can guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied with our product.

Who Speaks about us

Would you like to try our exclusive gelato flavours free of charge and ultimately discover the real taste of the authentic artisan gelato?

If you would like to experience the thrill of tasting the authentic artisan gelato made according to the traditional recipe from 1840, then please click on the button below, fill in the form, and request your free tasting today. 

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