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Mokambo Experience

The Mokambo Experience is one of those moment that makes a trip to Puglia truly unforgettable

Who Speaks about us

Mokambo Experience is one of the experiences that cannot be missed in a journey that can be defined “unforgettable” in Apulia

The experience shows the creation of handmade gelato realised according to the ancient recipe of 1840 to allow you to appreciate all the individual benefits such as flavours, fragrance and scents of the raw materials that create the “Old-fashioned gelato”

What is the Mokambo Experience?

We’ll make the gelato together, from the very beginning. In particular…

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We’ll open the doors of our laboratory to show you how to make a genuine handmade gelato accurately following a recipe dating 1840.

We’ll give you aprons, spatulas and spoons and we’ll soon start our job!

The ingredients you will use will be:

Milk from local pastures coming from the Parco dell’Alta Murgia, eggs from free-range chickens, simple table sugar and the “secret” ingredient we’ll choose for you!

During this experience you will discover how is it possible to create something delicious and genuine, using few and simple local ingredients and you will understand why (contrary to popular belief) it is so difficult to find in Italy an homemade gelato with a very short list of ingredients.

We’ll travel all over the world remaining in our laboratory:

  1. We’ll start from our territory and see how is it possible to work with eggs from free-range chickens and milk from pastures coming from Parco dell’Alta Murgia to create our “Old-fashioned gelato since four generations”
  2. We’ll discover the best vanillas in the world travelling from Tahiti to Mexico passing from Papua New Guinea and Madagascar, to show you the shapes and scents of the best vanillas in the world that enrich and “smell” the “King’s Cream”, the gelato loved by the Bourbon King of Naples and which recipe has been preserved by our family for more than 120 years!
  3. A short break in Italy to appreciate the PGI hazelnuts coming from Langhe and soon after heading south on the slopes of the Etna volcano at the discovery of the flavour of the authentic Green Pistachio of Bronte DPO.
  4. We’ll restart heading of the equator to discover the selection of Mokambo’s cocoa with the 33 different origins present in the gelato parlour, coming from the 4 continents and 20 different countries of the world. An olfactory and sensory journey, difficult to forget.

“What these family does is not gelato, is pure Love. I've never tried ice cream like this before”

Stanley Tucci - May 2022

An immersive experience to tell friends and family

We’d like to show you how, through research, study and dedication, is it possible to create a genuine gelato you won’t find in any other gelato parlour in the world, really made with the same techniques once used for an unforgettable immersive experience to tell friends and family.

A UNIQUE “Hands-on” experience from two fundamental points of view: first of all the historical and cultural and then the gastronomic one.

Some video testimonials

Here you are the testimonials of those who have tried the Mokambo Experience before you!


Join the Mokambo Experience

Live the Mokambo Experience and try your hand at the creation of the true handmade gelato using few and simple natural ingredients. An experience for those loving good food, suitable for gastronomic enthusiasts and gelato connoisseurs. Choose the experience you want and click on the button “Book Now”


Create the TRUE handmade gelato from 1840. Milk, sugar, eggs and lots of fun. An experience recommended to young and old.
  • Experience of the gelato
  • Olfactory tasting
  • Choco Sommelier
  • Tasting of the “Scettro del Re”


The creation of the gelato is combined with an olfactory and sensory tasting of the selection of cocoa beans present in the gelato parlour. An experience recommended to gastronomic connoisseurs and wine lovers.
  • Experience of the gelato
  • Olfactory tasting
  • Choco Sommelier
  • Tasting of the “Scettro del Re”

Ultimate Experience

The most beautiful experience you can live! From the creation of the gelato, to the olfactory tasting, passing through the Experience of the “Lo Scettro del Re”. Strongly recommended to gastronomic connoisseurs and wine lovers.
  • Experience of the gelato
  • Olfactory tasting
  • Choco Sommelier
  • Tasting of the “Scettro del Re”

Some useful information:

The gelato is produced with natural ingredients and ancient procedures. We don’t have lactose-free food. Our gelato doesn’t contain gluten, but we cannot ensure the Gluten-Free food.

“I think that a break here, for those who visit Bari or its hinterland, is something worth to have as unforgettable memory when going away. My compliments for the passion and taste that I’ve found in this place.”

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Piero Armenti founder of "Il mio viaggio a New York"

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