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The substantive difference between Mokambo Gelateria’s gelato and any other artisan gelato is in the processing method we implement and the ingredients we use.

The gelato-making method commences with processing all the single natural raw products in our laboratory open at sight.

Moreover, we faithfully make our gelato according to the traditional recipe from 1840. As a matter of fact, our gelato DOESN’T contain any of the following:

Hydrogenated fats
Semi Finished industrial products
Added emulsifiers
Only very few fresh and natural ingredients are present in Mokambo gelato, such as:

Milk freshly squeezed from local pastures
Free-range eggs
A bouquet of natural aromas
The only commercial ingredient that we utilise is the regular cooking sugar (sucrose)

The work is completed by highly selected raw materials of excellence such as the Hazelnut from Le Langhe P.G.I., the Bronte Pistachio P.D.O., and 20 different types of cocoa beans.

For further information about our gelato please we have explored the subject in this article.

Our gelato is the priciest compared to the others on the market because it is made by using a completely distinct process that is slow and meticulous, which takes place in our lab under the supervision of our Gelato Master. It is made following the traditional recipe from 1840 to guarantee the highest quality on the entire production chain.

Furthermore, it is prepared by choosing only the best certified raw ingredients of Excellence.

For these reasons, to make good things, time is needed!

Our gelato is slightly pricier than average.
It is sold according to its fair value: it is the best gelato that you could ever try.

The pistachio gelato of Mokambo Gelateria is made using only the real and genuine Green Pistachio of Bronte P.D.O.

To offer you the best pistachio gelato, our pistachios are supplied by certified farms located in the Bronte area from the municipalities of Bronte, Adrano and Biancavilla on the slope of the Etna Volcano. We roast it and finally cold-grind it in our laboratory.

In this way we guarantee with absolute certainty (transparency), the origin of the raw ingredients we use for the benefit of our consumers, who can be sure that has tasted the best “Pistachio Ice Cream I have ever tasted in my life”

Please click here to watch the various phases of processing.

The “King’s Sceptre” is the proper gelato for those who want a unique tasting experience in Luxury food.

It is not a simple gelato cone made with simple ingredients and edible gold, it is instead a tasting experience that leads you to discover what are the most prestigious (and the most expensive) raw natural ingredients in the world: the Iranian Saffron in pistils.

The precious Iranian Saffron is hand-picked in the Mashhad area located in North-East of Iran. It is, in fact, defined as the “red gold”, since its price can be even twice the price of gold.

The principal ingredients that compose “The King’s Sceptre” are: freshly squeezed milk from the local farm called Santa Maria dell’Assunta – located in the Alta Murgia National Park- alongside free-range eggs, sugar and Iranian saffron in pistils.

The “The King’s Sceptre” gelato cone is composed in the following precise phases:
We begin with stuffing the crunchy cone with freshly whipped cream and three Bronte Pistachio P.D.O.. Afterwards, we add the Iranian saffron flavoured gelato, obtained from a 4 hours long infusion process of the noblest part of the saffron pistils, the top part or otherwise called sargol. Finally, we garnish the gelato cone with whipped cream, caramelised sugar and edible gold leaves.

To taste “The King’s Sceptre” a minimum reservation of 3 days in advance is required.
Since the required preparation process is quite elaborate, I guarantee you that the result is incredible. The price is 70 euros per cone. The minimum quantity that can be purchased is 2 cones.

Please fill in the form to place an order for your “The King’s Sceptre”

The reservation must be made three days in advance

“The King’s Sceptre” experience is an exclusive private event, our store will be closed during this time in order to devote the greatest possible care and attention to our customers.

Exactly as it happens in the most prestigious boutiques in the world, we illustrate to the guests the various phases of the job, starting from viewing and smelling to getting into the actual tasting.

The guests who have participated in this event before have defined it as “A return journey to very far places, whilst staying in Ruvo of Puglia and it cost only €70”

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Of course, you can! “The King’s Sceptre” can be a fantastic present and a memorable surprise. To make the surprise even more effective (unforgettable), we have a special kit designed to leave those who receive it speechless.

Please click here to buy “The King’s Sceptre” as a gift.

The Mokambo experience is a “hands-on” experience that allows all the food connoisseurs to retrace together with us all the making process of our authentic artisan gelato.

Thanks to this gastronomic experience, you will be able to gain access to our laboratory and be the protagonist by taking part in all the phases to create the “Gelato from yesteryear”.

Together we will choose and mix the raw natural ingredients needed and make the gelato that lots of people define as “memorable”.

Our tasting experiences are divided in 3 types:

“The REAL Artisan Gelato from 1840”
During this experience you will be able to retrace the steps of the original recipe dated from 1840, and make “King’s Cream” (Vanilla) flavoured artisan gelato. The price for this experience is €67 per person. It lasts for about 2 hours and we can accommodate up to 4 guests per experience.

“Mokambo Pure Chocolate Experience”
This is the right experience for genuine chocolate lovers. During this experience, we will carefully analyse some of the 28 different cocoa beans of distinct origins present in our lab. Afterwards, we will taste the cacao paste and the final chocolate gelato that we will make. The price for this experience is €77 per person. It lasts for about 1 hour, and we can accommodate up to 4 guests per experience.

“Make the Authentic Artisan Gelato”
This is the most original event, which encompasses a smelling and tasting experience. You will analyse the raw natural ingredients that make our “memorable gelato”. This experience will focus on making the Piedmont Trilobata Gentile Hazelnut P.G.I. and on the Bitter Piedmont Gianduia P.G.I. The price for this experience is €87 per person. It lasts for about 3 hours, and we can accommodate up to 4 guests per experience.

The Mokambo Experience is an excellent present to make somebody happy for their birthday. Surprise them with a tasting journey searching for the real taste that makes the authentic artisan gelato unique and distinct from the average ice cream by studying and analysing the primary raw materials needed to create it.

Please click here to buy a Mokambo Experience as a gift.

All our gelato flavours are made by using fresh organic cow’s milk from local pastures.

In order to get this milk type we drive for 27km to reach Altamura and get the milk from the Madonna dell’Assunta farm.

Such efforts are made to make gelato according to the traditional original recipe from 1840, which requires the use of very dense and full-bodied milk, with a unique taste and freshly squeezed just a few hours before use. Therefore, it is understandable that our gelato doesn’t contain dairy-free milk.

Our dairy-free gelato alternative is the “Costiera’s smells”, which is our granita (sorbet) made with Sorrento Lemons P.G.I. It is served in edible lemon’s peel, and it is available during the summertime, from June till September.

At Mokambo Gelateria, all our flavours are gluten-free.

Please note that our gelato may be contaminated and may contain gluten traces as our spatulas touch the cones.

According to the Italian Celiac Association, however, this does not affect the safety of our gelato. The association provides such safety measures that the gelato parlours should implement in the Puglia region. First, use a clean spatula to pick the gelato and secondly pick the gelato from a very internal area of the container where the gelato is kept refrigerated to avoid the issue of the cone contamination.

Our production of fruit flavours is limited.

Such limitation derives from the traditional recipe invented in 1840, which does not involve the use of any emulsifiers in the process other than free-range eggs. And, emulsifiers are essential in order to allow the fruit’s juice to bond with the milk’s fats.

Since our gelato does not contain any emulsifiers other than the ones included in the eggs, our fruit flavours tend to oxidise quickly in a matter of a few hours. They get “weak” and become impossible to serve in a cone or a cup.

One of our rare and most successful fruit flavours is the red mulberry gelato, made with organic milk from local pastures, free-range eggs, sugar and locally sourced red mulberries.

You can only eat the red mulberry flavours in a matter of maximum 4 hours because the mulberry is particularly watery. Its juice possesses a very intense colour, and it is enveloping to the palate. It presents a certain tannicity, particularly typical of this fruit.

We make an additional fruit flavour, the “Costiera’s smells”, our granita (sorbet) made with Sorrento Lemons P.G.I. It is served in edible lemon’s peel, and it is available during the summertime, from June till September.

100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

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We have been gelato makers for 4 generations, with an experience of over 100 years and we are the only ones who can guarantee control over the ENTIRE production chain, from the raw material as nature supplies it to us, to the finished gelato.

For this reason, we can guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied with our product.

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